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Ahooga Horns

Though little compare to other devices installed in a car no one should belittle a horn; its simple task of generating sound is necessary when traveling on the road. Though most of us hate the sound of it especially when misuse, it quite handy when someone keeps on hugging the road or getting the attention of someone crossing the street carelessly. Once you're off the road and right in front of the gate, use it to signal somebody of your arrival. Just by its audible sound of it one can catch the attention of anybody; however, with the ahooga horn you're presence will be known in a classic sound common during the days when cars were just starting to flourish, which had fascinated its driver and viewers.

The distinct sound of it is common at some point in car industry and was used in model T, hot rod, rat rod and other vintage cars. At present, one may find the sound of it odd compare to modern cars which have a variety of sound able to produce. There are still vintage ahooga horns available especially when searching through the Internet. Through the years it accumulated some scratches and apparently it doesn't look the way it was before; other than that it is still able to produce that classic sound.

By searching ebay 'ahooga horn' the result is not only limited to vintage or antique horns; new improved version but still bearing that classic look are suitable for embellishing vintage cars. A chrome replica with electric 12v horn eliminates complex installation of pipes and separate compressors. After simple installation, give it a try, its 115db could produce sound louder than the rest. If that is too loud for you to bear then why not try 110db with a frequency of 490hz, 9 inches long and comes with a mounting hardware.

Nowadays, sleek and top-speed cars have proliferated in the market but there are those who still find vintage things more appealing despite the fact that its reign is now part of history. What best way to make known such inclination? A horn sustaining its atypical sound, reminding the past and taking the passengers safe and sound to its present and future destination class.